Dalek in simple scene (Apricot + GLSL)

To help me understand Blender’s materials, material nodes and Apricots GLSL features I made this simple scene. I also wanted to make sure that the scene looked the same in the viewport, Game Engine and render view (which it does). It’s got a simple turntable animation (alt+a or p for the Game Engine)

The only thing I’m not really happy with is the shadow. I’d love to be able to tweak it further - blur, change opacity and colour. The ability to assign different resolution shadows to individual objects. If I were to animate the small eye stalk it would have the same shadow resolution as the much larger body? This would probably kill the frame rate. Hopefully in future versions of Blender we’ll be able to.


In case anyone wants to poke around with the new features you can download it here (8 megs) http://www.box.net/shared/6prdgdgi3x Your welcome to improve/optimise the scene :wink: Tell me what I’ve done wrong.


(I gave up trying to put moss inbetween the cobbles using the new splat/stencil mode. The moss texture would always repeat and I only wanted it drawn once of the tiling road)

Wow, that’s awesome!!

Lookgs great, nice job

It’s nice work, about your moss problem, Brecht recently fixed a bug where the second UV layer was only used for the first three texture channels and one dealing with stencils and normal maps.

So you might want to use a build with the first bug I mentioned fixed, which Brecht writes below

Apricot Branch: fix for bug #17435, only first 3 texture slots were
being used for finding second uv coordinate layer.

If this relates to your problem then you should download the latest build.

thanks for the kind words guys

@Cyborg Dragon thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep a look out for the more recent builds.

My moss problem was that the texture was tiling/repeating. I wanted the moss texture to be drawn once over the tiled/repeated road texture. This would allow me to have quite a few blobs of moss all over the road using a relatively small moss texture instead of a huge moss texture that was smeared over the whole road. The stencil method would allow me to accurately paint the moss into the mortar inbetween the cobbles.

as clear as mud? :wink:

looks really cool

nice owrk for this robot

how did you do the brick texture which looks great and 3D

is this a pic or procedu texture?


Looks great

A horde of these on an alien landscape would be awesome

@RickyBlender the brick texture is a picture from cgtextures. It was tiled/tweaked in Photoshop/Imagesynth and the normal map was generated with the Nvidia plugin.