Dalek Tomato test

Started having a play with the Tomato tracker - loving it!

Hi all,
This is my first test with it, which is a remake of a shot I tried with Icarus some time back. Very different workflow, but I’m happy with the tracking side of things pretty much. Rather than chucking a whole cloudful of trackers, this was done with just 11 (albeit very supervised) ones.

Not totally happy with the shadows/compositing yet but I think it’s ok. Any suggestions anyone?

Oh and I added a quick and dirty Cheez-O-ramA audio track. Just for fun. Sorry :wink:

Node tree and little tomatoes on the table :slight_smile:

great work =P
Tomato branch is very interesting…why don’t you write a tutorial??

Thanks - maybe I’ll give it a go. Only wish I could try with it cycles now! Unfortunately no good on my old PPC g5 mac!

Still keen if anyone has any critiques/suggestions for this too