Well I tried to make some actual animatable characters. And, after a week of MeshDeforms and weight painting and Action Editors and all sorts of other horrible little nasties I ended up confused, frustrated and nursing a pathological hatred of all that’s organic and natural. Go me.

So who else do we know with a pathological hatred of all that’s organic and natural?

I did this last night and this morning. It’s partially rigged but not finished - I need to work out how to put a lamp in the lights and link its Energy to the scale of a bone (any hints?)

Texturing will happen at some point too.


Slapped on a steel material from the repo. It looks like pig close up, but does allow changing colours more easily.


Cool model, now all you have to is make the organic Darlek inside the steel shell lol, :smiley:

wow, what renderer are you using?

Sudai: aaaarrgh.:slight_smile:

ionee: it’s just blender’s internal, with AAO and a ground plane set to only shadow.

Did the lights - now I want to rig them. Does anyone know how I tell a pydriver to use an individual bone from inside an armature?


i recomend yafaray it will make it more realistic.


They look a little tall and skinny to me, but otherwise looking good :slight_smile:

i agree with TKR101010
here are some blueprints:


You cant. You can use a property to control a rotating animation though which gives the same effect

Rorkimaru: could you explain a little?

My current setup works only within the dalek.blend file - it’s just an empty with its XLoc driving the lamps’ Energy values.

Unfortunately this isn’t good for externally using the rig: if I link from another file and add a proxy to the empty, I can move it around but the Limit Location I had on it has no effect, and neither does its position affect the lamp energy anymore.

Wait, are you talking about using this in the blender game engine or just making a complicated rig?

If it’s the game engine I may be able to help but if you are talking about rigging and rendering I don’t know much on the subject.

Rorkimaru: Not a particularly complicated rig.

What I want to do is link in this rig from another file and animate it. Controlling the lamp brightness is part of this rig, which I can’t figure out.

I assume that process would be the same whether the character was to be used in a game or a film?

Well don’t I feel a muggins. Spent an hour learning about the python API before realising that you just have to give it the name of the whole Armature, and then select ‘Pose’. Bleh.

Here’s another picture: nothing new to show, but it’s all properly rigged now.

TKR101010, ionee: Yeah, I probably should have looked at some references before starting. Ah well. Personally I don’t mind the taller look, so I’ll prolly not change it.