Damaged or unsupported format Adobe

Why does this happen every time I try to import an animation from Blender into an Adobe program?
What are formats that you guys use when you are going to import into Pr or Ae?

What codec are you using for the avi file. It’s not AVI Raw is it ? Use a lossless image sequence such as .png, you only want to go lossy for the final output of your pipeline

I always use some type of image sequence usually .png, the import dialogue has a check box to bring them in as numbered stills. This way it appears just like any other type of clip. Of course this isn’t very helpful if you did some editing with audio.

If you need to create a video file, try using something with animation codec (lossless compression and retains alpha information) which will be quite large and require alot of system resources. It is however a very standard format which most computers will include by default.

Thanks guys. I typically render to uncompressed png until final render, but sometimes I have some bs video I want to pop in to another video and I render to H.264 avi or mpeg4. I almost always get an error message when importing to Adobe. I guess I’ll just remember to render to image in the future.