Damn Ads

what is it now with this new pop up damn Ad on forum page?

I cannot even read anymore the stupid post on thread

what is going on here ?

how to stop that like it was before ?

and not a happy blenderer now!

What size is your screen (if you don’t mind me asking) and what is your zoom setting on your browser? Hoping this gets fixed soon, but for now you can probaly fix it with Ctrl Plus / Ctrl Minus.

it is the normal full screen HD 1 K
filling the width of the screen

really annoying - size is way too big
already been mentioned

I mean I don’t mind helping other people for free
but don’t want to be bothered by big ads !

happy b

Can you share a screenshot please? It’s not supposed to cover the content.

Also, more info here:

here is one example
it does cover some of the text of thread
i’v seen other where it is worst then that

also when you scroll this thing follow up and down on the screen
so hard to read the text !

happy bl

Thanks. I’ll work on a fix tonight!

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if possible add an option so that you don’t see these on screen
then people can choose to see it or not

or add it at the bottom of the page may be
but not over the page !

sorry I really dislike these ads pop up windows on screen
this is almost like a new sickness on internet by the PR guys
always bothering people with things they don’t want to see or interested in!

I don’t go on the forums to see these ads
I like to help people free as it was before on forums here
been like that for years and would like it to continue like it was

happy bl

Again, please read this other post. You can either ad-block (which makes it harder for us to keep the site running), or support us on Patreon - that will remove all ads for you.

I put a temporary fix in place - it hides the side block on smaller screens. I’ll see if there’s a better intermediary solution.

banner at top or bottom i guess it is ok
but not as a pop up window over the existing things on page that was my point.

can someone show me how to add this ads blocker

happy bl

I just fixed this - it should no longer cover existing content.