ok so my brand new computer i just built up was working find until i got to the end of my windows installition then all of a sudden a blue screen came up with white wrtiting stating that their was an error with my harddrive and that i should check my hard drive u sing chkdisk. i then treid again and it came up with another message saying it may be the HDD or some software or hardware recently installed on the computer. and now when i start my computer up it loads through the bios and detects the drives with out a problem then after checking through the IRQ’s and things it says missing NTLDR press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to restart. i was thinking maybe that my DVD ROM drive might be broke as it has trouble copying some of the files off the windows disk although this DID NOT happen the first time i treid :-? . i then tried to install mandrake linux and that installed successfully although some problems copying the files off the CD, when i go to start linux mandrake up it stops half way through when loading, the furthest ive got with it is when the system is checking and is the displaying the little icons as it checks.

sorry for this rant but ive just spent 305 pounds on this computer and i want to use it!

you are having some weird issues. i would suggest going to a more computer orientated forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Google is your friend:

Before you try too hard, do you have a floppy in your floppy disc drive?

lol floppy

once it took me two days to reallize that the was a floppy in the floppy drive and it was that that was fucking it up.

i would chek that

woooohoooo i fixed the problem, i had a damaged 512DDR ram that was broken, i used a memory checker and at half way through the process it had already reported 44000+ errors :frowning: lol

wow thats crazy, so much for quality control :stuck_out_tongue:


I have had that happen a few times on PC’s and I think the reason it happens to me is a power quality issue.

Make sure you have a good UPS/ Line conditioner.