Damn difficult programmers.

(starax) #1

Does anybody else find it difficult when trying to figure out if an option/button in Blender is selected or deselected. The programmers got it into their heads to make selected buttons dark and unselected buttons bright.

The trouble is, if it was a big problem for alot of people and they decided to change the button logic around then the Blender veterans would probably go insane.

(S68) #2

I find almost impossible to mistake a pressed button with an unpressed one :slight_smile:


(overextrude) #3

Definitely an interesting interface question…

The way I see it, there at least two ways of indicating an “active” state: either turn something on (like a button with a light inside), or make it appear selected somehow. NaN chose the latter- the reason the button is darker rather than lighter is because that’s how it looks if it’s pressed inward, rather than highlighed as though it were lit from within.

Normally, I wouldn’t give something like this a second thought, but as someone who has had to consider various interface issues, I know that it’s easy to take stuff like this forgranted, thinking that if it’s obvious to me, it’s going to be obvious to everyone else. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it just isn’t. This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong necessarily, but it does suggest that perhaps some investigation is warranted to determine how likely it is that a certain interface feature will prevent, rather than help users accomplish their objectives.

Now…if only more web sites were designed with this in mind…