Damn sexy fish

Believe it or not this will play a part in my Star Wars project, i’ll leave you to figure out how.:confused:
Admitedly, i never intended to take it this far, but organic modelling is so wonderfully easy after doing big spaceships, apart from the eyes, i can’t do eyes very well.
2 hours modelling (i’m not fast) and 4 hours playing with SSS, everythings procedural.
B.I, with a bit of photoshop for brightness and color, my monitor is quite bright.

Sexy fish or not - its something I wouldn’t want to meet while swimming.
Not a bad model, though the material on the eyes don’t seem quite right. Apart from that good work!


  1. It looks like the fins should be thinner, and fade out to a different material.
  2. I don’t sense any ‘water’ between the camera and the fish… maybe it needs some mist or debris floating in the water.
  3. There’s something seriously wrong with the eye… just use a black sphere with hard reflections:confused:.

Other than that, not bad (good, in fact). The gills look great, as do the light rays and procedural materials. I’d look forward to an update if you’re willing to do one.

Looks something like a “Leopard Shark” I’d guess. Yes, the texture on the eye’s isn’t quite right, shouldn’t be so shiny and the eyes shouldn’t protrude outside of the head. Love the model and body textures!

Small update on the eye, i painted it in with photoshop.

@Blenditall, SSS is hard to get right, the fins are accurate to the fin thickness of a real fish. And it wasn’t my intention to put it in a realistic scene, infact i never intended to make an actual fish in the first place.

@bigkahuna, your right! it was modelled off my favorite shark, the Leopard Shark, but as i’ve already said, i never intended to make it an actual fish, which is why the texture is procedural, and its not really in an environment, i fixed the eye a bit.

Model is real nice but with the eye I definitely agree about making it a shiny black. The procedural texture to me is very close but maybe is a little to ‘clean’, any of these creatures that I’ve seen on tv usually have alot of scars etc. Nice overall

ok, animal man, is it ok if i tell them how this is going to play a part in your star wars project, or shall i leave them to guess?

The material looks photorealistic

ok, animal man, is it ok if i tell them how this is going to play a part in your star wars project, or shall i leave them to guess?

Lol, make them think about it.

I agree with Blenditall totally apart from the gills. I think a little more definition needed for them. Apart from that, excellent!