Damn Small Linux?

I’m a Windows user… And NO!, I’m not proud of it! So…
I just started to use DSL, and just wan’t to know if it’s a good choise?
I think it’s very light and easy and good and… and…

Well, you get my point.
What’s even better, it’s only 50Mb big.

If you know any good/bad things with DSL please post them here.
I want to know…


Wait a minute…
That makes me a Linux user, doesn’t it? :smiley:

Hey, I’m glad you reminded me, I wanted to try DSL. A friend who seems to know everything about everything to do with anything remotely connected to computers (I think we all know at least one person like that) told me that it’s great… so here goes. Thanks for the tip.

no it makes you a L-user

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Your best joke ever? 8)
Lav ya!

no it makes you a L-user

Booo-o-o-ooo… :wink:

One thing I found after trying 15-20 Linux distributions is that some are way better than others for day-to-day desktop work. I tried a lot of the small distros like Feather, Puppy, DSL, etc. and then moved to Vector because I wanted something that was a bit more “stocked” with apps and stuff, yet efficient. Then I found that I liked how BeatrIX worked, so after trying it for a bit I installed Ubuntu. That turned out to be a very good decision.

Ubuntu is now running on my 500 MHz Celeron test machine with 192 Megs of RAM and it works great. What I like about it is, pretty much all of the hard work is done for you (installer updates itself via the internet), and you end up with a fully-stocked operating environment. It doesn’t feel “lightweight” in terms of features like the others did. It feels like a lot of testing has gone into it. Plus the forums at Ubuntuforums.org are fantastic.

If you’re just into text editing and websurfing, then one of the lighter distros should be fine. But if you really want to have an all-around capable system you might look into Ubuntu or one of the bigger distros.

PS Be careful with the HD installs for the lighter distros like DSL. Some of them don’t work that great at all; others work but you may need to really know Linux well to get a fully-operational install.

After giving several distros a try (including DSL) I also ended up installing Ubuntu to my hard drive.

DSL is intended to be used as a “portable” OS, something you can put in your pocket and use away from your normal PC (ie. on a client’s computer, at work, at school, etc.). Knoppix is similar in purpose, as are many “live” distros.

must…not…start…flame war with…l-users…:wink:

if you are going for small, be a man go all the way


tell me distro’s you are interested in and I can tell you their good and bad points, believe me I have tried them all! (everything with a real logo and website and a logo that is, as in: I haven’t tried your uncle bob’s remaster of knoppix, or your brothers "uuuuuber-super-1337-and-cool “hackers” cd :smiley: ) A nice small one is slax, morphix is nice too (I prefer morphix lite and slax popcorn as my live cd kit, while occasionly bringing along knoppix-std (that’s “security tools distro” not “sexually transmitted disease”! ) as my live cd kit), these are also live cds. Slackwar makes a nice lite distro, but is hard for a linux noob (n00b?, newb?)

Yeah, but have you tried my uncle bob’s remas…oh. Nevermind.

Might want to mention that when you say DSL you’re talking about a Linux distro, not the internet service. Some of us windows users are easily confused :x

Wow, I just tried Xandros OCE 3 and boy, did it suck. Nothing to see here, move along everybody.

Wow, I’m so impressed.