"Damn Those Lifless Rocks"

hey guys, just playing around really, got a kinda cool scene that has a…ummm i dont know. hope you like it!


Eh, that’s ok. The ground looks way too plain. And there’s no real point to the scene.

What’s really happening in it?

besides what guitar87 said, just the pic itself, those meteors or whatever are too evenly placed and sized…try making the ground a little more complex, maybe add some bump mapping to it…and, personally, I’d like to see that metal thing closer up, or larger.

eh, well i dont really know whats going on…i am thinking somthing crashed or had a nasty failure of a takeoff, anyway this is a wip and there is still room for making the ground better and the asteroid things. but thanks for your tips.

Good stuff.

Yea there is a bit of um… improvement? to do on the ground

well i am thinking of adding a smoking meteor to the left side maybe

Those astroids are pretty close to that weird blobby brown planet, don’t you think.
It looks great, but it needs more detail.
Like the others said:
Work more on the terrain. Have you simply used the ‘Noise’ button and a bump map?
I’d recommend you to set the Map Input Size to X: 2.000 Y: 2.000 Z: 2.000 in case you are using a bump map right now.

- AniCator

nope not using map, just sculpting and fractal (and a little bump map) but it takes a long time to render because the ship in the background (the peice of metal) and is just about hitting the 500k mark. the terrain is 200k so the render time is insane… and that is why i will post my next update with crashed meteor soon. but not now, itrs still rendering. (and the asteroids are high poly too, cant remember how many though…)

I hope you’ll find a way to reduce your polycount a bit.
You can try to apply the ‘Decimate’ modifier to your spaceship. Set the Ratio to about ehm… 0.250 .
This automaticly decimates the polycount, but it won’t look as great as it does when the modifier isn’t applied.

Good luck,

- AniCator

i will definatley do that when i get back…(i am going on holiday and am taking the laptop wihich will never handle the polycount)