this new blender interface is driving me crazy.nothing is where it used to be.i want to make a group of faces two sided all at the same time not one by one at a time.the buttons copy and add they are not there anymore.how do i do that??? thanx for any help

i ran into the same problem several times then i figured out that i have to add 2 sided face before subdividing the mesh which kind of sucks…can anyone let us know if theres some sort of trick to get this solved?

i think there was a copy draw mode button there before in the texture face section on previous blender but it’s not there anymore.anybody?

u dont need that button anymore but maybe that button might ve have some property that updates and copy for all faces…

exactly! for me it’s very useful.why change or delete something that worked well before? as easy as a click on a button.

Copy mode. It’s an add on. No idea why. Yes, big pain in the arse.

well,i installed that add on and tried to do a ctrl+c to try and do what i want to do,but its not working either.yes a pain in the a$$ LOL.

ps: @GackToActivity why do you say you don’t need that button?

well it works when the mesh is not subdivided u just mark the two sided option it automatically adds dobled face,however if the mesh has more than one face then it doesnt work for all faces,just one at a time!
btw where do i find the add on?

it should be already installed but you can find it on blender…file,user preferences,add-ons tab

that sucks as you said,cause maybe later you want to change the faces back again,if you subdived as you said,then its going to be a hell of a lot of faces to change one by one when you could do it before with the click of a button before.

Word up =/

ok…here is what i did.i updated blender to 2.58 installed add on (copy attributes) now the button is there.i hope it helps anybody specially