Damned Particles

Now, is there some sort of problem that disallowes particle emitters to have particles follow them when it’s parented to an armature?

Say, for example, you are doing a muzzle flash from a weapon in slow motion.

And you want the gas to exit the barrel of the gun, as it recoils backwards.

Even setting obj. in particle buttons to 1.000, it doesn’t follow the snap back action backwards.

It keeps emitting from the same spot.
Any ideas?

Try parenting to an empty and the empty to the arm.

Does it have to be an empty?

Because I’ve got the flash emitter parented to a gun, which is parented to the armature.

And it still doesn’t work.

It will never work.

Particles are precalculated (like IPO movements) while Armatures are re-calculated at each frame.

It is an old bug.

Only way is to have the particle emitter follow an IPO which by careful hacking places that emitter exactly where the armature is.


I have a script to do that called KeyFramer, it was never released since it is REALLY hard to use and induce a lag and anyway, I don;t even use it myself anymore, but if you REALLY REALLY need it, I could probably upload it somewhere.
no garanty though.


I see, I see.

Thanks for the help guys, don’t worry about the keyframer script.

I’ll try the ipo thing.