Dampening doesn't work

I set the Damp of a sphere to 0.000, and it’s restitut to 1. Then I had it drop on to a plane which I set it’s to restitut to 1 as well, I did not set it as an actor.


There are two objects: one is sphere the other is a plane:

the sphere I set as an actor and then in its dynamic settings I set the Damp to 0. In the materials section I set the restitut to 1

the plane I did not set as an actor but I did set the restitut in the materials section to 1 as well.

The problem is, the sphere “bounces” and comes to a rest, which it shouldn’t, right?


well most people wouldn’t consider that a problem [several people have complained about it happening not knowing about the DYN button in the material buttons]

that is peculiar though that I can’t seem to get it to stop doing this in the current version, seems like a bug to me

Dynamic ob: Damp. 0.0
Plane: Rest. 1.0
Bounces and bounces forever for me.

You have to make sure the dynamic objects starts a good height above the plane. When the dynamic object starts too close to the plane it will barely bounce then come to a halt.

Ah, the large height was the thing. Thanks.