Damselfly Wing Animation advice

Hi all, I’ve run into a problem with one of my university projects and really need advice.

I want to create an animated model of a damselfly that has accurate (or really similar) wing motion to that of a real damselfly. It would need to be renderable on an iPad 2 at 60fps. I use Assimp to load models up. Here’s the basic idea of what I’m doing - I want to do this but have a realistic wing animation:

Here’s what I’ve got to help:

I’ve acquired 200 frames worth of kinematics data of a flying damselfly, thanks to some kind researchers (who authored this paper - http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.3574). The entire damselfly moves through space and rotates a bit, but I am only interested in capturing the wing movement. Here’s what that data looks like:

From this I can export 200 hipoly static X3D models. I can import these models into Blender. I can also probe the positions of mesh geometry through time, and dump that data into a text file.

I am a Blender newbie. To animate this in Blender, I have tried to do some armature-based animation, with the last bone in a chain following the wing endpoints and, and with the inverse kinematics solver working between the first and last bones for each wing. Here’s the way I’ve set this up:

The problem is that it doesn’t look right to me, and it doesn’t account for the way the wings rotate.

My question is whether this the right approach. Otherwise, what might I be doing instead? How can I account for the rotation of the damselfly wings?

Thanks in advance!!

Whoops, I guess this actually belongs in the animation subforum.