DAN physics

hi again, im trying to add physics to our charector “dan” how would i do this, and how could i make it jump in 2.49 or even 2.5?
thanks so much

for parkour pro: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1467931#post1467931

Ooh, well, physics for any other character would be simple but because he’s named “dan” it’s not going to be so easy.

…no, but seriously.

FOr basic physics I usually add a cube, and scale it so that its as tall as the character, and then scale both the x and y so that it fits around the character well (it’s good to keep the width and length the same on the bounds)
If you make the character and everything involved a child of these bounds, and set the bounds to dynamic and their shape to cylinder, character physics are simple. (cylinder is so you can use dRot for turning left and right, without having to worry about the bounds corners clipping things when you turn)

jumping is easy; just add a lot of upward force in one frame- if you set a spacebar sensor to tap, and plug that and whatever you use to detect the ground into a motion actuator with a ton of upward force, simple jump. If you use python, you can continuously apply force for a short time if space is held down- this allows the player to control their jump height. Just remember to constantly reduce the force applied so the character doesn’t go out of control.