"Dan the Distraction Burglar"

Here’s the latest in my series of crime fighting animations…



Good quality:

More info:


Let me know what you think…

Ha hahahahahah that was hilarious!!
You should have made it to wear it shocks one of the cops to lol :smiley:

I love it! 5/5 I want to see more of this!

is this in blender?

Good work again. Really loved the cartheif Keith series. This is just as good.

Yes, it’s all animated in Blender. The use of 3D is very subtle but the small shift in perspective adds a lot to it I reckon.

The drawings were scanned in and coloured and textured to planes in Blender… then I just stacked the planes up and centered the cursors on the pivot points.

Yesterday I was in the local paper and on the news talking about it! Very strange!


well… ive never thought of that lol well done and good idea