Dance Blocking Pass #1 With CG Cookie Flex Rig

I have started making substantial changes to the animation, so have taken it down so people won’t waste time going throu it.

I will post the next rendition when it’s ready.


Great. I think it looks great so far. Would like to see the interpolated version.

I like it! also expect to see the final version, you use video reference?

I use reference, reference is my friend!!! :slight_smile: and if your an animator it wants to be your friend to!
IMHO It is critical to have good reference especially when you don’t do what your animating a lot. I don’t tap-dance or watch tap-dancing everyday so would be lost with out any reference. It is also just as important not to copy reference, but capture the essence of the motion, emotion, and poses. I Choose what I want to capture from the reference and let my imagination do the rest. That way it doesn’t look like mocap. I try to think of each frame as a drawing that looks good on its own, but works with the rest.

Here is frame of the reference video, and the pose I pulled from it.

After pushing a couple poses that I was advised to push even further I will work on an interpolated version.

Great movement! The stone face was a bit distracting, but thats a detail. Only other thing that seemed weird was how it jumped every 8 seconds. Is it repeating for preview sake or will it be like that in the final reel?

It is repeating for preview sake, and I will get rid of the stone face after finishing the body.