dancer ....

(basse) #1

i posted sometimes ago, one link with this dancer model…
and the project was then lost, because of my HD crash…
today, I remodelled her… and started experienting with some stuff…

here is first view:


(BgDM) #2

I remember that image. Great effect with the motion blur. I loved it. Sorry to hear about the HD crash. That realy sucks.

This new one is nice, but seems to be lacking some of the detail that the original one had IMO. But since I do not have the original to compare it to 100%, don’t take my word for it. :wink: If I recall correctly, the original had legs and a more dramatic pose, which I am sure you will implimenting.


(S68) #3

ooohh I remember her me too :slight_smile:

Very nice!!!

So sorry to hear you lost her in a HD crash :frowning: