Dancing Braincells

When the right vibe hits the right mood at the right time everything is pure vibrating bliss of colorful motion and emotion. All molecules and all synapses are dancing in cosmic union along the horizon and want to break free and cross over into the absolute unknown.
Whatever awaits them across this border is what they are after. What awaits them is freedom, freedom from suppression, pain and suffering. What they need to understand is that they cannot reach it until they realize the final border is what they hold on to within in their own mind and thoughts. Only when they let it go and they will learn so much more than they ever thought possible to know.

This abstract construct is modeled with very little geometry, it is more generatively modeled with the modifier stack generated by the BY-GEN addon for blender.

rendered with EEVEE
blender 2.80.
Animation: Toxic Tuba
Music: Fozzi Fluffmuff

Für Anneliese!

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