Dancing dudes

except from two keyframes, all animations were done with #sin #frame commands.
hope you like those silly dudes, as i did making this. :smile:


Hahaha it’s funny!

Those guys are the ghosts in Among Us when Impostor is catch !

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thank you :laughing: glad you like it.

Hilarious :rofl: The #sin #frame stuff is beyond my understanding but the animation cracks me up.

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Bahaha, watch a few seconds and smile.

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Thanks :smile: believe me, it’s not beyond at all.
#sin(frame *0.55) *-0.2
first number is speed ,second distance.

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Thanks man :laughing: I was hoping for that reaction :smiley:

Thanks! I thought you were python scripting or something, but this is indeed quite straightforward and simple.

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This is well cool! All I now need to do is to work out the formula for beets per minute to multiplier!

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thanks :grinning: it is a very helpfull tool.

Glad i can spread some joy :grin: