Dancing Farmer - Character animation in Blender

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I’m slowly getting to grips with the features of Blender, having finally moved away from Lightwave. Creating this animation I learnt about bone sets, Saved poses, actions, drivers and shape keys, as well as the Auto-rig pro add-on, I absolutely love it so far and can’t wait to learn all the other features. Do let me know what you think of the animation.


This is really some funky moves ! It looks like you really had fun to do this.
Did you use the NLA editor to combine and reuse your actions ?

I bought the auto-rig pro addon too, can’t wait to really try it.
Did you find the rig convenient to use ?

Ha ha thanks, I did have fun doing it although there’s always a lot of patience required and the tendency to miss out some of the subtler moves is tempting.

I didn’t use the NLA editor but I can see how that would be essential for doing longer more detailed moves where changing timing/ spacing would be required.

I did find the rig really good although there wasn’t the ability to rotate on the ball of the foot which was frustrating as I needed it quite a bit for this project. When I contacted Lucas he said that he would include that in the next version. I have yet to try doing any major face animation so that will be my next challenge although I think that will be less about the auto rigger and more about shape keys.

The one thing that you can’t find that much of (on YouTube etc) with Blender is character animation so I’m hoping that that will change as Blender becomes more main stream with the industry.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with


Yes I did enjoy using the rig and it was really great having feedback from the author when I got stuck with anything. I hope to use it regularly and use all the various features that come with it (IK/FK snapping, bendy bones etc.) Hopefully I’ll be able to post those videos here as I do them.

Good luck with your projects