dancing figure number 1 - tanssikuvio #1

(basse) #1

this is something that I have been testing out… a dancing figure…
originally I did this as coffee+ink drawing (several versions, can be seen here if you are interested: http://pasila.lib.hel.fi/~basse/g/gp/index.php ), and now I have been trying to get something out of it in blender…
it’s also motionblur-test, armateur-test… and if I learn to do this properly, I’ll try some slowmotion-animation too… :slight_smile:

well, here’s the pic:



(dickie) #2

i love your site man!
very very beautiful!
i think the figure has an extreme amount of class.
the lighting, mood, and colors have really sold me.


(dickie) #3

i just bookmarked your page.

i love the heartless dude in your art section.

(ZoltarX) #4

I just visited your site too.

AMAZING work !!! :o

I really like it.


(tlaloc58) #5

Love the wallpaper and the way you play with the lights. It has an I don’t know what that makes it look so sensual. Great work.

(basse) #6

wow, thanks people… this encourages me to post some more when I have the movement patterns finnished… I’ll let you know :slight_smile:


(kaktuswasse) #7

thats a really great style man! The light is just perfect! WOW…

cya henrik

(slikdigit) #8

great style! refreshing to see something done in 3D that doesn’t follow the ‘textbook’ catalogue.
Yes indeed do show us more. Your page is bookmarked.

(kerosene) #9

your art is just great :slight_smile:
your characters are awesome (henry etc.)
keep up the good work. it’s nice to see, that there are still people who appreaciate (and make) fine “handmade” art :slight_smile:

(paradox) #10

really nice. And I love the coffee and ink pictures. Pretty wild concept (using coffee and ink) .