dancing girl (3d stereo)

i made an stereoscopic animation of a dancing girl:

you may want to watch it with red-cyan glasses to see the 3d effect…
have fun,

did you make the animations yourself or is it simply a stereoscopic version of someone else’s animation?

i made em myself. out of curiosity, how would you make a stereo animation of someone elses video? or do you mean a stereoscopic version of a foreign .blend file?

ye the latter :wink: but very nice animation

but I don’t really see the point of stereoscoping dance as only the edges are stereoscopic? there’s no background it relates to, no contrast in distance?

but very nice animation, looks natural

you are right, but its still a big difference watching it with red-cyan glasses.
the aim was to make her dance “on the page” - no borders of the player :wink:
its not perfect, because she occasionally sticks her arms/head out of the view area.