Dancing on a piano

Hey there!

this is an image, which took a lot time for me. It’s an old, rusty roboter, who is dancing an a piano. I created it with cycles and made all the textures at the roboter on my own.

uplighting is interesting

but i can see pixelation on the legs?

Try making the edges of the keys a bit sharper they look very rounded and your fingers would fall off the keys if you played that (Talking about black ones) Other than that Great scene

Reduce contrast? The white piano key is all blown out white. Make it look like this?


thanks a lot :wink:

how do you think about this version:

Keys are still blown out white. Take it down little more.

ok, thanks :wink: looks better :slight_smile:

Looks much better. :slight_smile:

As you take your main light lower you do need to fill where shadows get too dark. Try adding small light to light up the robot.

guess you mean this way?:

hmm… personally i liked the blown out version. it gave it more contrast and ‘life’ as it were… the only crit that i would give is the shape of the black keys…

Am I the only one that thinks the back texture looks like something out of a hunting cabin? When you look up from the keys you’d expect to see something that looks like a piano.

I guess you’re right, I saved a lot of time on this point. I even tried to add a golden looking sign on the wood, but the result was worse than before…

Okay, now you’ve got the keys (still a bit underexposed) and you need to balance that with the back of the piano … which must be accurate for “a piano.”

Unfortunately, you’ve hit upon a very difficult combined-lighting situation: white keys, black piano, character. Compositing might help you here.

Ok, thank you for your critiques :slight_smile: going to fix all that stuff…