Dancing Pig


(Thanh Nguyen) #1

Hi all,
Real time Character Rendering in Blender 2.8
Hope you like it <3



(sharlybg) #2

Really well done.

(Fatesailor) #3

Very cute and lovely! :smiley:

(3dbigsel) #4

adorable, that’s supercute.

(Thanh Nguyen) #5

thanks so much :smiley:

(Thanh Nguyen) #6

thanks!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Thanh Nguyen) #7

Thanks so much <3

(sharlybg) #8

Just wonder how many time it take you to rig and animate this character. Also how many time it take you to reach this animation quality level ?

Can you suggest good course ?

(DDB) #9

amazing ! how much time did you spend making this ? :slight_smile:


very good work,well done

(Avery) #11

Very cute character, great job! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Nhut Nguyen) #12

Wow! It really great bro :heart_eyes:

(Aitor Pérez Alonso) #13

Great Job @Thanh_Nguyen !! Beautifull and fun.

(Thanh Nguyen) #14

rig and animate this character by my team about 1 week :smiley: you can follow us on fb

(Thanh Nguyen) #15

character animation in Maya by my team :smiley: and it took me 1 day to render on Eevee :smiley:

(Thanh Nguyen) #16

thanks so much <3

(Thanh Nguyen) #17

ohhhh, thanks brooo <3

(Thanh Nguyen) #18

thanks so much!!! <3

(Luther2s) #19

Very cool this chracter.
Great job!


ah ok, i thought this is a one man show with crazy skills in rigging and animation in blender…no big suprise its a team of professionals.
Have you tried to use blender for rigging and animation ?.