Im making an attempt to model a mouse based on the 80’s cartoon character DangerMouse.

He’s The Best, He’s The Greatest, He’s The Greatest Secret Agent In The World!
He’s The Ace - He’s Amazing…, He’s the Strongest… He’s The Quickest…


Made a little bit of progress, has now got the eye patch , 1 eye , hands and beginings of body
I done an AO render this time.


Itś looking pretty good. Can´t wait to see when he is finished. :slight_smile: The eyes will be interesting to see, are you going to use the Pixar eyes or the traditional black and white ones?

Its got a kinda uncompleted pixar eye at the moment


Very nice, Has a claymation feel to it. Are you going to add more textures?

agreed, nice model

I like that guy, you planning to animate him?

Cheers for the comments, as far as textures go the original dangermouse from the cartoon was quite plain but i do need to add the dm badge on his chest.
Not sure if im going to try animating yet, is intended as a modelling practice

I never saw the cartoon but your model is excellent!

Itś looking much better now. you might as well give the mouse Pixar eyes while youŕe at it. Trust me it looks a hell of a lot better with Pixar eyes.

When I first started I too used the simple black and white cartoon eye, but then I swapped to the Pixar eye and wow! It gave the characters a whole new depth. Although it took a bit of getting used to at first , but now I can´t go back.:slight_smile:

Crumbs Chief!!! :smiley:

Oh boy, now thereś a connoisseur for you. 5OnIt, now we all know what you were doing back in the 80ś after school. :smiley:

I made some changes to the eye patch and added an eye brow, i then decided that he was looking to fat, so he’s been to the gym and built up his upperbody so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Fatso’s got the better vibe. So feed him some cheeze again :slight_smile:

Looks like he’s been training with Ronnie Coleman. How much juice is he taking? I disagree with the fatso part, now it’s time to to put his quads in the oven. Feel the burn, oh yeah!

maybe a little too chiseled…you still want a cartoony look to it.

Heres the latest update


a superpiratemouse? weird combination. He looks a bit too buff IMO. The modeling isnice tho.

Nice muscles :wink:

For those that have never seen the DangerMouse cartoon heres a pic.