Dangerous Miniature golf


Based on a dream I had months ago. Only it didn’t look exactly like the pic here though hole one is the same and the path is similar.

yep, that looks pretty dangerous. i like it but the sign is overed up.

If you ran a course that dangerous and hole 18 is usually the hardest you would need a big sign. :wink:

interesting scene… I’d give the mist a bit of texture, something swirly.

you say you had a dream based on that? Well I’m not in any way qualified (psychologist/psychiatrist) to interpret dreams, but this could be fun anyways!
let’s see… Do you have a fear of heights? a fear of golf? ever had a bad experience playing golf (regular or mini)? hmmm i had a funny one but then i just forgot… that means it must be time for bed!

Well, it seems you’re working on doing more and more creative things in Blender… and that’s a good thing.

How about a try at some organic modeling now? I’d like to see you take a try at making some sort of creature.

I remember the dream clearly, we were at this sort of tourist attraction and went up a lot of steps and got to the first hole about 100 feet high hanging over the edge. My father teetered on the edge when he putted the ball into the hole and so came my turn. But I fell off and woke when I struck the concrete below. This has a few differences, one, no concrete, two, the hole’s a lot higher up and 3 there were buildings in front of use where here you see wooden lattices.

About the fog I would have to have a texture for the whole sky if I was to make it swirly. And I could use halos but that would take longer to render Plus i’m not known to follow crits unless I all of a sudden feel like following all of them like with that street WC entry.

I do have a lot of images and stuff I plan to make and also not forgetting about making games with blender so i’m kind-of overbooked. And more about the halos. It could take the while to get it setup right as I hadn’t had this in mind when I started the image and the fact I would need to get the alpha on the halos right to get a good effect and to match the current fog…

About games I also use another program that i’ve had for years that I already made 18 games on and I would like to get back to it if only I could get over my obcession in modeling and rendering.
LATE EDIT:: Speaking of organic modeling i’ll sometime see what creature I can whip up. The main thing holding me back from creature modeling is fear of messing it up or making it ugly and getting boo’ed off. Though it shouldn’t be a problem given I have all the time in the world to work at it.
SECOND EDIT: And I promise, no more yellow cubes.

I’ve become somewhat of an advocate of this thread myself, especially Torq’s version of the lizard tutorial, mainly because it helped me improve my own modeling methods.

And as for being worried about being boo’ed off, I can understand why… a lot of the community seems kind of irritated with you for a lot of your comments. I’m only vaguely familiar with the history of that. Regardless of this, I think that you’ve been making an effort recently to create actual, decent productions, and to that I feel it is only fair to treat you with constructive criticism. So I propose… as long as Kansas_15 is genuinely trying to be productive, we should give constructive criticism rather than just tearing him down. Does this sound fair to the community?

And on the other side, Kansas_15, I suggest you do more productive Blender work, and less trolling (which seems to be what has gotten you in quite some… Ill-favor with many Elysiun members). It seems this would work out well for everyone :wink:

I’d rather avoid recreating any tutorial object.

And I can generate pretty much anything given enough time and patience.

But the truth is I never intended to go this far into modeling and rendering.

When I got blender, the only reasons was for the game engine and that it was free. I never thought I would be modeling and rendering like crazy soon after. That was until I started to render some small things to use as for something like billboards in one of them that I started and it kind-of took off from there.

As a result I couldn’t stop myself. Now I have about more then 40 images.

Well, y’know what they say: Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters and they will eventually produce prose the likes of Shakespeare. (they’re wrong BTW).

I partly agree though, you’re better doing stuff on your own. Just try to challenge what you can already do. Your models seem very flat and inorganic. Then again, if you’re not intending to get into it like you said I guess it doesn’t matter. But, I think that you have a lot of creative energy or time (methinks the latter) so it might be interesting how far you can push yourself.

it doesnt seem very nightmarish. make it darker with fog and stuff. long shadows. thats nightmare like.

It was intended to be more surreal then nightmarish. The dream on that was in bright daylight as I remember it.

It does not need to have fog or be darker to be a nightmare, these are just common conotations associated with nightmares, I consider being stuck in the middle of a desert a nightmare, yet there is no darkness or fog. Although unless kansas unleashed some sort of overnight l33t artistic realisation abilites, maybe he could get his nightmare scene to look like a nightmare to the rest of us without him using any of the usual connotations.