Dangerous Substances

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Yes!!! ban everything that could potetially cause harm.

And always go for the symptoms and please ignore the cause.


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The XM-15 is just like the AR-15, just made by another company. It can be fitted for an optical sight, and used for sniping, but is not a sniper rifle. The AR-15 (an XM-15) is basically a little shorter version of the M-16, which is also not a sniper rifle. Especially, having such a short barrel. Also there is many deer rifles that are also used by the police and military forces for ‘sniping’. There is special guns built paticularly for sniping, but in reality, any gun can become a ‘sniper rifle’. It just so happens that the line of guns the AR-15 and XM-15 falls into is built to be modular and versatile, so parts can just be attached to fit the situation.

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acasto, i think u meant to direct that towards bapsis :wink:

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Sorry bout that, don’t know what I was thinking. I changed it though :wink:

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Ok ok, i’ll take your word for it (even tho you cant get names right hehe). :wink:
I really dont know that much about guns, dont really care for them myself, and i was just spouting 2nd hand missinformation. :wink:
I really hate the idea that even tho iv spent (scratches head and uses his abbacus) 11 years of my life in Martial Arts, that some little coke headed twerp psycho could easily do me in with the pull of his index finger. A cowards weapon a gun is!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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I’m not saying we should ban anything with a sharp end or anything that can be used as a blunt instrument. (I’m not letting “Dial M For Murder” get to me.) If the object wasn’t made to kill people, we shouldn’t ban it.

however, have you ever seen the movie “The Insider?” The company in it that made cigarettes didn’t only know how dangerous cigarettes were, they also wanted them to get more addictive! And it’s based on a true story!

Guns shouldn’t really be banned, but there’s only one scenario that guns should be involved in is self-defense. You can’t use cigarettes for that.

By “not only from minors, but from everyone,” I meant that minors are banned from it. Everyone else can obtain them. they should be banned from everyone!

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i assume that you are liberal, cube.

most<-----(notice most) liberals believe that we should shut down the cig industrey, but turn around and start a legal marajuana industry. that’s just stupid.


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(acasto) #29

That’s what gets me about liberals, they claim to be liberal, but only to their beliefs. Such as abortion, they want women to have a choice. But when it comes to guns, they don’t want us to have a choice. I registered independent, but I lean more toward the side of the republicans. Not because they are better, but just because they tend to have a little more non-utopian more common sense based ideas. That’s the problem with a lot of liberal ideas, is that thier so idealistic, they would only work under ideal conditions, in which do not exist in the real world.

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amen to that!!! :smiley: :smiley:

(haunt_house) #31

With all the pressure and false values, with all this supersaturated wealth (I buy therefore I am), it would be disastrous to strip drugs and cigarettes.

Most societies are quite ill and would go nuts without those pain killers.

drugs are a symptom, not the main cause.

and stop quoting movies. True story or not, it does not sound reliable.


(theeth) #32

agreed, society is sick.
People are now mere by-product of a consommation business. We live to buy…
sad, but eh…



(Dittohead) #33

i think we all agree the nicotine and alchohal are not good at all.

but getting rid of them could create global finacial havoc!!!

thats why we need to let them be even tho they create lots of social problems too.

(haunt_house) #34


You don’t have to get rid of them within 24 hours. So if you take a reasonable amount of time (ten years?), the industry could adapt to the new situation.

And red wine for example can actually be very healthy if you don’t overdo it.

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Sorry, but I’ve got nothing better to do with my time than watch movies. Sure, I could blend, but I’m trying to be lazy with my free time!

Anyway, we shouldn’t take ten years to shut down alcohol. 1-4 years is shorter and better.

I’ll replace “The Insider” quote with this: If cigarettes are so addictive, and they not only cause harm to the smoker but to people around him who breath the second-hand smoke, than why hasn’t anybody done anything about it? Geez. If a guy does something 530 times over and over, you make me stop.

(acasto) #36

Do you have a basis or reason for this? Or just tossing out a number?

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i don’t like alcohol…but i like cig.it gives me some company when i am alone.

(Timothy) #38

I didn’t read most of the topics in this thread,… so I’ll just give my opinion on this matter.

I think the best solution is to legalize drugs of all kinds aslong as they are not lethal (in the sold dosises). Make sure they are only sold to 18+ (malt alcohol (beer, wine, etc) to 16+) have regular controls, and very strict punishment for those who break these rules. It’s the only way to keep it out of the criminal cirquit.
I do also think though that people who smoke, or who in some other manner neglect their personal health should for instance pay more health insurance (smokers!!!). (how you’re gonna check this is another matter (hair samples?))
Talking about smokers, smoking should be prohibited in any public area. I myself travel by train ALOT and find it terrible when I have a cold and have to sit or walk trough someone elses smoke. Let alone how someone with astma must feel.

(haunt_house) #39

There IS another way. But it won’t work, because politicians are narrowminded and don’t work together. Because a resonable plan would take 30 or 50 years. If you put enormous amounts of money into schools (creating responsible teachers who are educated properly and tested regularly on their methods of teaching and their behavior against the class) and another enormous amount into advertising for good parent behaviour (basically the same goals, not looking down on the child, and so on), you would get a much more capable people. This would be healthy for everything. But politicians have no vision past their election period. So forget about that.


(CubeFan973) #40

Do you have a basis or reason for this? Or just tossing out a number?[/quote]

I didn’t pull out a number randomly out of a bag (in my bag, every number is 17,576, 26, or 6–“Cube” numbers). I chose 1-4 because it gets rid of your horrible substances faster. 10 years wouldn’t work, I’d be able to buy them then (blech, that’s a disgusting thought).

Porn should be banned. It’s boring. What’s so interesting about nudity? Am I missing something?

Oh, and action-packed, kill-everything-in-sight movies. What’s so interesting? Am I missing something?

And repeating sentences. What’s so interesting? Am I missing something?