Daniel BWC WIP "The collector"

I have a hard time trying imagine a good scene, but after 2 week i finaly have one that i like. So i’am starting this WIP to get some feedback. Here are a cupple of skethces:

He is collecting persons, the best in their works, and in the image will see how he extracts one from the earth, taking him to another reality.


Interesting concept. Can’t wait to see the end result!

Yeah, me too:p, thanks.
Here is an update, sketch of the front and side view and a render of the main character :).

Sorry for my bad english.

nice work angelk555… this will be kick ass once its done!!

im having a pretty hard time trying to make my concept fit into a single image … i felt the same for your idea when i saw your concept, how are you gonna pull that off???

btw … checked out your blog, excellent guitar and amp renders!!

and btw, im a metalhead too :smiley: … metal rules!! \m/

Arvind -
Yeah metal rules :cool:!!! I’am still planing the composition… maybe you could make the two world fade so he is been pull out of the room where he see all that stuffs…

So here are more updates :slight_smile:

hope you like it C&C are welcom and if someone can tell me how to make good Eyelids, becouse i dont like how they look…

again sorry for my bad english :o

Update, i’am trying to make him look like a Swindler or somtihng like that. Tell me what you think…