Daniel Craig 3D Study Real-Time

So i updated the model around the eyes,cheeks and repainted the eye and face textures :wink:
Modelled,sculpted and textured in blender,zbrush,photoshop with hand painted alphas,albedo and
rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3 :wink:


Really nailed the likeness. Great work! :smiley:


i’ve been trying to get it right,he has difficult face to achieve likeness :wink:

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Um … are you serious? This is rather a version of the Lord Voldemort , if Daniel played it.

this is just a study,with no hair or facial hair…

It’s not about the hair or something else, the proportions are not at all the same. How is work with a person who is not like Rock, but signed by his name.

The proportions are not the same?
Ok what proportions are wrong?

At the moment, the proportions are more like the president of Russia.

my friend if you think you are seeing something i’m not,feel free to try yourself and model him.
i’ll be waiting.

and yes they look alike

There’s something vaguely. … goblin-ish about it. Maybe it’s the ears being a little too pointy? Nothing that I can definitively point to.

Feel free to check the real thing for the ears

Not pointy. Don’t get me wrong most of what you’re posting is pretty good, far better than what I can do. And with a shaved head I look like something out of the original Star Trek. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I didnt mean to sound rude by any means.
Thanks for the kind words :wink:

Before you start burning, just look at what you have and on the photo that you yourself attached. It seems to me that your cheekbones are too narrowly arranged, make his face a little wider and more delineated (by 5 percent, if one can put it there).

i took into consideration your opinion and updated the model a little…