Danish interior

Here is a little project i just finished.
Everything done in blender, rendered in cycles. :eyebrowlift2:
More info below;

Both the duvet and the pillow was made by cloth simulation. The tricky thing with the duvet was to make it keep its thickness, but still fold somehow.

The pillow is also made with cloth sim, but with another technique. I just started with a basic square with the right dimensions. Then gravity was turned off and a forcefield (point) added and set to a high value. The result: target="_blank">

Then i froze the sim and made some sculpt adjustments. Later i realised i diden’t want a perfect pillow, so i added a sphere over, and a plane under to make it seem used. Worked great. :smiley:

Got question? Fire away :yes:

Looks great, but the floorboards look too big in comparison to the bed, and the beams also look too thick. Just scale down the floor to 50% and then it will look better. The beams… I am unsure as to whether they are okay or not.
One point on the modelling, the roof beam should come all the way down to the support, although typically they go further than the supports. Also there should be no gap between the beams and the roof/walls. It looks like there is a big gap between the roof beams and the ceiling.

Thanks BiggR for the feedback; even thought i’m done with the project. Thanks. :smiley:

I really like the atmosphere in the picture, also great lightning!

Looks pretty Danish to me. I even have similar looking support beams in my basement :slight_smile:

This looks great :smiley:

Love the bump n reflection on the floor texture always gets me going :slight_smile: Plus makes the light and reflection look so natural. Great work.