Danish Medieval Castle

I am going to hopefully make a new animation of a reconstruction of this castle (as it may have looked like in the middle ages):


This time a bit more realistic and detailed.

This is my progress so far:

I welcome any ideas and suggestions.

I am hoping to make an arch-viz animation of this castle (though only in 1280*720) and therefore I try to keep my polycount as low as possible, yet striving for realism.

Each frame took about 30-40 seconds for me to render now, I expect it to increase to 1 minute max, since this is hopefully going to be a 3 minute animation.

Some more renders:

Really impressive. I am sure to keep an eye on this project.

Really nice. I like your work.
The large stone texture an the foundation seems a bit distorted along the z axis. It might also be that it is a bit too low res for close up, from afar it’s looking ok.

I think you are right in assuming they are too low res for up-close.
They are definetly not distorted or stretched. According to my reference image, they look like that, however, it could be that during my sculpting process of the foundation, happened to have a too low resolution on my subdivisions. They are not BUMP’ed, they are sculpted. But again, I will have to have a sound balance between polycount and realism, in order to be able to render an animation.

I agree with hotzst, the castle looks great (considering you want to keep it low-res), but the stones at the base are the weak point.
Wouldn’t bump mapping or displacement mapping help to add some detail without increasing too much the polycount ? I think sculpting is heavier.

Great work Philosopher!

I guess that is ready for the film making and I don’t think the stones,bricks and water meeting areas are going to cause too many problems. It seems all ready to go.

They are very wide angle photos you have shared and I guess in the animation you would be using more normal views so any low poly distortion isn’t going to be a problem.

Are you planning on doing the interior?

Thanks. I am not planning doing the interior, but I do plan on doing the castle yard.

great work can you tell me how did you uvmapped the arc?

You may have noticed that I have many archs, both large and small, and that they fit very well into the texture.

What I did was to abandon tileable textures. Instead, I combine different textures, and make my new texture from that inside GIMP using Clone tool. I rarely use tilable textures for walls, especially not old brick walls. They are not uniform. The arches are cut out from photos, then using the Clone tool in GIMP I can decide where to put my arch.

Then I model the building including where I want the arches, and unwrap using Projection. The foundations are made exactly the same way: They are Cloned into the wall texture, in order to make them fit better. Then I cut out the part where the foundations is intended to be, and begin with subdividing, displacement and/or sculpting.

I will have to try your method for my next arch. How do you do the inside of arch? I mean you probably stitch together something with Gimp but how do you go about unwrapping them?

I just use Project From View-method. The inside of the arch is simply the same texture as the wall itself on which the arch is on.
You will have to manually adjust the UV-faces and vertices if you want them to match outside of the wall, with the inside of the arch.

It is an extremely time-consuming process.

I have been delayed in my process due to other stuff, and due to research into the castle’s architectural history, in order to understand the story behind its architecture so that I can better reconstruct it in Blender.

Surprisingly enough, the architect who restored the castle in 1940’s to a museum, thought the same thing about the wall having wooden framework on top of the walls at the sides of the big entrance tower. Turns out the reconstruction process is a little complicated because I need to understand a lot of details.

Anyway, here’s a reconstruction of the inner yard before 1590:

This is a photo from 2009, same angle.
The tower was added in the 1590’s.

You need to bevel the edges

Looking good!

In your video, do you plan on showing the changes throughout time?

You’ve done an excellent with designing that Castle. It’s a clear indication regarding how technology can make old things become alive in a powerful way.

After a long time off this thread, I am now rendering the animation.

This is rendering a 7-10 sec. animation (no grass movement though) while I am writing this:

Yes. I am making a 3-stage/level progressing with the castle as it was in year 1520, through 1534 and as it was re-build in the 17th century.