Danse Macabre

I’ve been getting into cosmic horror lately and wanted to create a piece in that genre.


CLAY RENDER (Aside from the VDBs since I don’t think they look as good in clay)


** turns Bloodborne boss music to 11 **

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haha! That’s brilliant. It’s my favorite game and definitely helped inspire this piece.

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Oh, cool. :smiley:

The environment you made also complements the character/monster design really well. I think what’s most creepy to me about this render is actually the Bloodborne-esque character being in an open space with limited visibility, as opposed to a cathedral or alleyway or dungeon. There’s all this open space in the environment, but with thick clouds or fog hanging over it you’re not sure how large the field is or if there’s more than one of these things out there. :eyes::eyes: