(AweSemo) #21

Very nice work!:yes:

(rombout) #22

Love man! Like the style and im curious how you made this paint like style or effect? DId you do the texturing in Substance or hand paint it?

(M) #23

That is cool kind of steampunk or humpty dumpty went robotic business.:heart_eyes:

(SilverTill) #24

I have seen this piece several times now, and it never gets old. High marks for originality and texturing.

(Josh) #25

I absolutely love this! The style, surfacing, lighting and even the pose-- it’s all on point!

(deadmeadow) #26

thanks pal!

(Alex Ru) #27

love his face ))

(sundialsvc4) #28

Love the idea that this “steampunk robot” actually has a boiler!:slight_smile: