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Great work!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Added another photo of him :slight_smile:

These have been really great portraits and candids. The head hair on the top version is amazing. Some of the scenes you have made with this fellow have been really impressive. Since he seems to keep coming back I made a few notes on things you might think about on future versions. Overall, I would say just more variation in skin/hair tone/color and more skin pores/bump. THese all are pretty minor changes, to help break up the smooth/cg look.

I hope to see more of him and other creations!

Wow. Thanks for the elaborate feedback. I will try and incorporate some of those changes in. Not sure how to give each hair strand a different color without it looking funny. All I have for the time being is a glossy shader and a translucent shader in a mix shader for the hair. The model is also a different man :stuck_out_tongue: Even though he looks similar to my grey oc :slight_smile: