Dare to Enter

This is the first render that I post in this section. It was done for the current (special week long) weekend challenge (Theme: The Portal).

I am still trying to learn all the finer sides of blender. The detail on the dragon was sculpted. The stones too, except for the symbols. The flame was modelead after a tutorial found in a blender art magazine.

It could still use some work but I think I will call it finished.

I hope you like it!

P.S.: Be sure to check out all the amazing entries to the current weekend challenge (#347)!


For a general score, I’d give you 99%. Very very very well done! Beautiful work!

The only thing that could be better (and give you a 100%) is that huge bright specular spot at the bottom of the blue. It is unnecessary.

Your torch could be larger also just to bring out that aspect of the scene a little more.

And like, wow. What can I say about that monkey. That is just amazing! It gives a whole new feel to the scene. Love it :smiley:

I don’t mean to criticise your finished project, but those 2 things would (IMHO) make your scene much better.

this is great modelar. I see you’ve experimented with some glowy FX and such. I think the environment is kind of strange in the sense that it kind of attempts to be real world with a starry sky, ground and horizon, but then again it also looks like just a funky background. I mean the ground appears to kind of go for realism because it has a dirt texture on it, but then it’s totally flat and extentends to nowhere. I think if your going to make a worldly environment take it all the way, but it’s strange when left in an akward state between realism and total CGish looking.
I see you have susanne up there as the skull. A nice display of blenderhood :).

Thank you both for your critique. That is very helpful!

The bright spot bothers me too. In a previous render I had a nice little reflection of the portals energy field, but the dragon was lit badly from the back. I should have spent more time to find a middle way. I kept the flame that small to make the dragon appear bigger.
About the environment - I had in mind to place the scene in a sort of dungeon with a stone floor but I didn’t have the time to model it in a way that I liked. My wife wanted me to put some stars in the background instead of keeping it black. :wink:

Thanks again! I am looking forward to the next weekend challenge!

Looks great for one week of work!Reminds me of the portal to Abyss in the Dragonlace books…

Nice work!
Two humble suggestions:

  1. improve the environment, I’d like some temple columns;
  2. improve the dragon skin, it should look more dirty, reflective, nasty, and so on…

Nice work on the stones.

Well after hearing all your good suggestions/critique I think I might pick it up again in a few months and put some more work into it.