Daredevil Intro

Hey guys,

So I was sitting here this afternoon thinking “What can I try that I’ve not tried before” and figured why not try to recreate the effect used in the Daredevil intro (Linked at the bottom.)

I’ve tried a variety of different fluid settings, from watery to thick and been pouring it over a monkey primitive and I can’t seem to get the liquid to form the shape it’s being poured on to, it more just runs off it … realistic but not what I’m after.

I have a feel controls are going to be my saviour, but I’m really not that familiar with how they work and I’m having trouble finding any tutorials are guides that cover the sort of effect I’m trying to pull off.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Here’s the source video for anyone that isn’t familiar with it.

Oh and for comic effect, I had to include this gif of one of my more laughable failures :slight_smile:


One theory I might have is to create a second invisible mesh that’s slightly bigger than the first mesh with an opening at the top to simulate collision so that when the fluid pours downward, the fluid will spill onto the second mesh and flow so that it will wrap around the contour of the first one. It is a little hard to explain with only text, but I pictured something similar to the solidify outline method used in Blender toon animation. I hope this helps you. Also, I’m glad to see another fan of Daredevil here ;D

I tried with the setup @The Omnilord suggested, but it needs a MASSIVE resolution to even begin to work (and not very good), is just not practical. For that to work you basically need the fluid to “stick” to the surface, but there’s not enough control in the Blender’s fluid settings to achieve it easily.

Another thing I tried was using fluid particles, is somewhat easier, because with particles you can use forces to control them a little bit better, but as there are no official remesher inside Blender yet, you have to depend on external addons. For my last attempt, I used the CubeSurfer addon by Pyroevil, but is not longer working with the 2.77 release.

In short, for complex fluid simulations Blender is not the best tool at the moment.

Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it. From the sounds of it, this is on for the back burner :slight_smile: