daredevil netflix intro

hi i need some help with a fluid sim in blender/cycles, im trying to recreate the efx they use in the intro of daredevil for netflix , its where the blood drip’s down and cover’s the empire state building like a chocolate fountain, im trying to do the same with a hollandise sauce from my spoon down over the letters “love” and then down to start to cover the earth, it would be nice to be able to change the color of the sauce from time to time if that is easy to do? thanks in advance


For changing color, i think you can set the color on keyframes by pressing I and moving the keyframe timer to another part. As for the dripping motion, might have to set collider planes in a v shape and let it drip down some how with physics. I’ve not yet worked with the liquid simulator or anything yet but might want to watch a few tutorials on it. I’m sure that would be a good start for ya. good luck! :smiley:

Short answer, is not possible. Blender can’t give you the same level of detail and quality you see in the Daredevil intro, I already tried to recreate it using only Blender, but the fluid simulator is just not good enough, unless you have a pretty powerful pc and a LOTS of time.

If you need something simpler it may be worth the try, but if you’re looking for a better quality you should check other options other than Blender’s fluid simulator.

Also, I hope you don’t mind, I’d recommend you to use another typography, whatever you want but not the standard Blender type. Is like when people who don’t know nothing about graphic design uses Comic Sans… Is just ugly. :wink: