Hi all =]
Thiss my new new new work


Comments, sugestions, reclamations, love declarations are welcome =]

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I like granny. Reminds me of my Mom, how can you go wrong with that.

First off, i think its great modelling and a great idea…BUT(!) im kinda confused about whats going on in the scene, is he attacking granny or what? If you switched places with granny and the villain it would look more as if he was actually saving the old lady…

Just my initial thoughts when i saw the picture…

Very nice. I like your style. I agree with Claws though. its a little unclear. And I think the lighting could be a little more dramatic… maybe.

I think that’s the joke. Since DareDevil is blind, he doesn’t know he’s attacking the wrong person.

Everything looks great except for one thing, the granny needs to be a little more “saggy.” I feel so dirty right now… munkey_mike pokes out eyes with a cigarette lighter

I think we need a puking smilie but i get your point hehehe :o

How did you make that starwars lightsaber with blender?

hi again
thanks for the words =]

Mikerotch got the point of the picture. One candy for you =]

"How did you make that starwars lightsaber with blender? "
I put 2 cylindres, one with a halo tex and another as a particle emitter.
I dont know if this is the best wy to do it…but it works =]

I tried using particles, but It doesn’t work too well with animation (compositing)

I just used halos instead…

I never tried with animations…
you got the same result?