Dario Baldi - Sketchbook

I’ve been learning Blender for over a year and I’m making, or at least I have the intention to make, a short film as a way of learning the basics in each area. So, I decided to start my own sketchbook with the first models I’ve been making these holidays.


Your furniture is clean
though your fridge is odd looking.
best wishes with your project

Thanks for the wishes and the critique. The fridge is indeed odd looking, I want to give it a local touch, so for example the fridge is an old model made in Argentina, a Siam fridge:

Wow, I really like the furniture. I would love to see a wire of the bed post to se how you transitioned from round to square and back to round.

Very nice work.

Thank you Ryeath. Here’s the wireframe from the bed post. It probably could have less geometry:

My approach was using “bridge edge loops”. I created the square parts from a plane, and the round parts from a circle, and then subdivided the edges from the plane to match the number of vertex in the cylindrical parts.

I’ve been trying both creases and loops for that kind of effect. Sometimes you just can’t get away with creases, it can look awful sometimes, but here it worked fine.


Can’t wait to see what these will look like with textures. They are like great models!

Also, very cool shape for the shelf. Looks like a solid mix between realism and stylization.

Thanks @AnsonAdams27. I’m also looking forward to shading them, I’ll do my best. By the way, the info on your Female character thread about how to soften hair line it’s going to be really handy when working on my character shading!

This isn’t supposed to be a thread about the short film I’m making, yet for now it’s the only thing I’m working on with Blender. I’ve been working on the main character’s clothing these weeks, it hasn’t been easy but I’ve done some progress. I’m using the CookieFlex rig(*), adding on top of it hair and clothes.

Clothes 1

Clothes 2 - still work to do, problems to solve

aaand an image I did for fun, trying things out, seeing how it looks so far

(*) The Cookie FlexRig was released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) by CGCookie, created by Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard and Jonathan Williamson.

oh, I forgot, a few more models I did