Dark Abyss - 100 % Blender modifiers

Hi Everyone,
Here you have another Blender project, the idea was to use blender modifiers as much as possible.
I animated all objects using Blender modifiers combined with noise to get the alleatory movements.
I used node editor for compositing the result is 100 % Blender render and node editor.
For more details you can go to my site or download the project for free at crazy-kube.com


For the bottom shadows, the effect is possible using a plane under a light, that projects only shadows.
The plane has a black and white texture that affects alpha channel and the texture is offseted by noise, to get the aleatory movement.


For the arms animated textures: the object has two vertex groups, one for inner circles and the other for the arm structure.
The idea was to animated inner circles using blender modifiers ( to get a breath effect ), and the linked textures being offseted by noise as I did for the shadows plane.


Enjoy and happy Blending!!


Some pics from my workflow: