Hi there people I have been working on a game as some of you dudes and girls now called Dark Age 2 To Downlaod and check out 1 of the sence’s here is the link :


And yes that is only 1 sence that I toke out of the game to show people.
My game is going to be basicly about your a bad dude at the begining and then somthing happens cant tell yet. That makes you turn against your our monsters and you seek for revenge.
And where it says you have to be lvl 100 to unlock that dude that mean I have made I starter charecter called a death knight you have to get him to lvl 100 then you may select and be a Flaming Golom In other words he is a secret charecter. I got the lvls and ect… working right now I am finishing off the final map. lol Whats funny is that I am the only 1 that was working on this game for almost 1 month and its basicly the same legnth as the fable game :slight_smile:

{ I will uplaod snapshot ect… of my current work and more as time passes}

So I am finishing the final map Death Tower its going to be a tower where you have to fight your way to the top in order to get to the last boss and beat the game :smiley: but beside’s that is any1 has any ideas or secrect maps they would like to see on the final compailed game just post them here

{ Note : They can’t be big Ideas small ones }

so far I made some instalation file’s and created a auto chat system the opens up when the game start’s trust it tooookkkkeeee hourrrsss to make that and it was not done in blender seperate software. well now the game has 3 big maps and I compressed the instalation ect… toke my comp 30 minutes just to get it ziped it is 87.4 mb ziped the last map should make it around 90 mb { Ziped again }

Well I will keep you dudes updated about my game
I will be uplaoding images and placing links tommorow not today I gota go and start celebrating NEW YEARS ! ! ! ! !


#1 is it an exe or do i need blender
#2 waiting for you to add those screenshot links
#3 the idea sounds awesome…but im waiting to get ur answer on these…

well first off its an exe comes with all the dll’s and its packed.
bout the images i am uplaoding them right now i will post link to them in soon i am uplaoding 5 at the same time formated to .jpg fast laoding should not take long