Dark Age RPG

Good Day,

I’m Richard Headrick and I’m putting together a game dev team. So far for team members we have 2 programmers, a part time modeler, and 1 gameplay designer. So for the game details, the camera is isometric, the game’s inspiration is akin to Baldurs gate/Planescape Torment/Final Fantasy Tactics, the art style we are going for is more cel-shaded, vibrant colors. For the story it is dark in its themes, but the atmosphere and presentation is a bit lighter, I would put it as mostly a “start of darkness” tale, meaning that our hero turns out not to be so heroic…due to underlying circumstances that befall him. But the game is not all dark nor is it all light-hearted. I would say it would fall more on the bittersweet side.
Our team is in need of 3D artist so like modelers, animators, level designers, concept artist, environmental artist. If you are interested Please email me at [email protected] or PM me, I know that story details are a bit light in this pitch, I would be more than happy to share them with anyone who is interested. But if someone would like for me to post them on the forum boards just let me know and I will get out a synopsis of the story. Thank you.

So the story begins with our hero fighting a defensive war against a fanatical enemy consisting of a patchwork of religious city states. Our hero is pitched a vicious and brutal struggle at the start of the conflict, he is able to somehow survive the massacre of the army that he serves in, this in turns piques the interest of his leaders who takes him out of military chain of command and puts him in a “special” position to test his abilities(if any) without his knowledge of said test. After a few months of “working” for his superiors tragedy strikes him and he is disillusioned to the cause he once served. Slowly his mind begins to break and crack, questionable decisions are made, friends and comrades begin to abandon him, he starts seeing betrayal and enemies everywhere. Finally it gets to the point where he is alone and so close to reaching his goal, but it cost him everything. But in the end was it all worth it?

Hi I was wondering if I could help I am good at texturing things using mostly the computer but I can also do quite good drawings and this does remind me of dark souls. I can also do work quite quickly because I have nothing too important going on at the moment :smiley: so just tell me if you want me too help and then we are all good and I also have Skype to be able to keep in contact with you :slight_smile: