Dark Alley Scene

I’ve been working on this scene for about a week in my spare time, and it’s finally starting to come together. I’m still adding details, and I’m planning on adding the following still:

  • curbs
  • trash
  • graffiti
  • door frame on building on the right
  • light in the alley
  • improved lighting overall

Aside from these aspects, what else can be improved? Composition? Scale? Textures?
All crits are welcome! Thanks!

Here’s an update from tonight!

Another update. I’m just playing around with the lighting now.

gettin there, how about adding some flickering to the bar glow sign, it might get u some interesting results without dragging to much focus and am not sure if u are aiming for a clean alley but u could improve on your wallbricks with some variation
-cracked surfaces
-holes maybe?

either way it looks nice, hope to see some fancy lightning there :slight_smile:

nice :slight_smile:
dirty walls and ground a bit. i’m sure it will look even better.
Mebe also some zones of rain water on the ground ?

well done

Thanks! I’ve begun dirtying up the scene. Its still dark on the walls for the most part, so it’s a little difficult to see at the moment. I’ll fix that when I do my final lighting pass. I’ve begun adding cracks and damage to the wall, along with dirt marks and graffiti. I’m still deciding if I want to add any puddles or wet surfaces.

Here’s my progress!

Wet surfaces, the ground would be pretty suitable for that along with some mirroring of the scene itself.
You are on your way

looking nice, are you re-creating my scene? :smiley:

Haha wow, I just checked out your alley scene, and that is crazy! Just a total coincidence!

I’m playing around with making the ground wet. I think I’m getting close to finishing this. I want to work on the water a little more, and finalize the lighting.

New update.

I have found a material that I’m happy with for the wet ground, and I got into compositing last night. Here is what I’m going to call the “Final” render, although knowing me I’ll make a few more tweaks still.