Dark area in reflection

You can see in the reflection that there is suddenly this dark area that engulfes the bed. How can I get rid of it? When I move away it goes away as well but what controls this? I can’t look directly into that mirror. I wouldn’t see anything. I need to render this in Eevee because one of my characters has fur. And in Cycles I would use up to 64 GB of VRAM.

Are you saying it depends on the camera location? Strange. Difficult to diagnose without a blend file. Is the roughness along the vertical edge of the mirror there on purpose or is it rounding errors from putting two planes too close together? If it is the latter it might be related.

It was the roughness set too high.
The file is too big to upload.

You can replicate it by yourself. Just make a reflective surface in a room an look at it. I could replicate it easily. At a certain distance a grey wall appears that is to a certain angle to your view.

Ah, okay. The Clamp setting under Screen Space Reflections can have a similar effect.

It has to do something with the view. It’s aborder but what controls it?

I found out what the problem is. It can’t render more that what is seen. So basically everything you see in the viewport is seen in the mirror not more.

You need to place a reflection probe plane before the mirror, then it should work.

The problem is that this is going to be an animation.

This should work just the same with anims, no?

There is a person in the mirror moving.

Tried it with moving objects. For me it worked, showed the moving object in the mirror just as static ones.

Interesting. It works. But it doesn’t seem to work with a glass pane in front.

For this you need to enable:

  • in Render: Screen Space Reflections -> Refraction
  • in Material (of the glass object): Settings -> Screen Space Refraction

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