dark basic

As is obviously apparent, I’m an utter newbie.
My question is this: can I create objects, in fact anything that I can import into Dark Basic Professional from Blender? I’ve tried but it it won’t see anything so far.

I haven’t used DBA in ages, but I remember if you use the .X format exporter File->Export->DirectX (.x) you should be able to load that into DBA.

If it comes out mirror-imaged, then press N to bring up the transformation panel and set RotX to 90 and SizeZ to -1, then press Ctrl+A. This swaps the Y and Z axis over - they’re the other way around in DirectX compared to OpenGL (which blender uses). I don’t know if the .X exporter fixes this for you or not, the one I used didn’t but it was old even then… Try it and see.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go