Dark Born SCI-FI Space Shooter : Music Artist Needed!

Category :Action/Graphics
BGE summer competition Entry: Yes
Full Version cost (Still in development): 10$

A civilization named…Kelos,were exiled from their homeworld Dalen…They Corrupted into 3 Huge Races…Genos,Gemini and Cantor… The Kelos Council declared that every space pilot, must select his Way on one of the three Corporations, and work for it. The three Civilizations Declared a Massive War, they fight for the Mysterious Cristal Named Dilithium, it have a huge power, Now you have to take control Of you Star fighter, and defend your Corporation…What side you will take? Genos…Gemini…and Cantor…it is your destiny

DarkBorn will be a Sci-Fi space shooter, the ships will be High Detailed, all the sides will have different ship styles, the bases will be high detailed too, we will try to make semi Volumetric Explosion, and Semi Volumetric Smoke too, we will try to make it the most detailed as blender can

//////The Start////////

You will start as the Veteran Vek Lone on the Kelenia Station, first of all you will have to follow the tutorial to learn how to play, when you finish it, you will have a new waypoint, when you reach to it, something will happen, the BattleCruiser Omega is destroyed by Unknown Attackers, -DIALOGUE-:

Ship Computer: New Waypoint Set (You Reach to the waypoint)

Kelenia Command: What happened…?!
Computer: We are under attack by Unknown Vessels!
Kelenia Command: Engage All Unknow Vessels!

There you wil have to destroy 15 enemy vessels, when you finish , the BC Omega will Explode Throwing you to a Asteroid Field, -DIALOGUE-:

BC Omega Computer: Emegency! Main Core Destroyed
BC Omega Commander: Damn! This is BattleShip Omega to all BattleShip Stations, Eject all Escape Pods Immediately!

-2 minutes later-

BattleCruiser Omega Explodes and you are thrown to a Asteroid Field


Starship Computer: Emegerncy! imminent Gravity Sistems Deactivation!
Vek Lone: Damn! Eject! (Game Load Screen Appaers)

Vek Lone: What…What Happened?

Starship Computer: Battleship Omega Destroyed, we were thrown to the Bagena Asteroid field

Vek Lone: I will have to Check all the if they are online…(Another tutorial)

Vek Lone: Ok all sistems Online, I will have to find a way to someone that can help me…

At this part Missions 2 Start…will be continued…On your PC

//////Races Information////////

Genos: The Genos Military Race believe in the power of the Weaponary. If there is a problem they solve it with war, their weapons are they tool in the space. Their Home sistem is Gahanek


Gen- Heavy fighter (KLN-09)
Gen- Light Fighter (TZ-89)
Gen- Assault Corvette (PLA-780)
Gen- Missile Corvette (PLM-890)
Gen- Phanser Corvette (PLP-970)
Gen- Assault Firgate (GAF-120)
Gen- Heavy Frigate (GHF-140)
Gen- Military Battleship (GMB-1970)
Gen- Battle Flagship (GFS-9018)

Gemini: The Gemini Civil State Believe in the power of Defense, if someone attack they Defend their peapole, but if they attack, Their peapole join to the battle. Their Homeworld sistem is Homigronia


Gem- Light fighter (MEG-9)
Gem- Medium Fighter (HEG-101)
Gem- Heavy Fighter (GFT-200)
Gem- Assault Fighter (TDG-980)
Gem- Military Corvette (HKL-1092)
Gem- Battle Corvette (UTS-190)
Gem- Military BattleCruiser (TVY-9012)
Gem- Defensive Flagship (GDF- 91034)

Cantor: The Cantor Mining Territory believe in the power of the Mining, they just mine wathever they find. When they find an new Mineral source they exploit it.



Here is the persons that i need

at the moment

AI programmers

Textures makers

Sound makers

Music Designers

GLSL artists

Phisics Programmers

FX artists (Explosions, lazers ectectect)

Cutscene makers (like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEkgPr3soMk)

//////Current Team//////////

Socker: Project Leader, Modeler, Phisics Programer, Music Programmer, GLSL Artist, FX artist
Wolf989: Modeler, Texture Creator, Sound Designer, Music composer
Sunjay03: AI programer-Scripter
VonZylo:AI programmer-Scripter
Pirate Man: Modeler
Geilarin: Modeler


Engine Trails (part1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IGwirG8ovw
Engine Trails (part2): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnm4WX3aD48



Good luck with it! Looks good so far :stuck_out_tongue:

ohh c`mn guys! do a large game like this is hard…i wanna my game be epic,hard to complete, and fun, please guys this is not easy…:frowning:

hey there
I can model weapons, bombs, buildings and stuff like that

hi guys, i will revive the game, i started working on it again, so if somebody want to help, we are 2 on the team, so we need more peapole

put some more details about gameplay!
it will help to get some more people in :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, i will post some details soon, for now im working on the 1st mission, but i need you to model an enemy ship, can you do something like this??:


i will post some screenshots soon!

abou the gameplay, im not doing this game so graphic, my computer doesnt support GLSL, but im using vertex paint to make some ligthing, the player ship start inside the carrier in orbit of tharos, and it will attack too, and for now i added an missile weapon :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:, adn obiously, you can blew up the carrier, but you lose if you do that XD

ok nice
but your computer doesn’t support GLSL… (what are your comp. specs?)
what’s the max vertex count and texture size I can make for the ship?
ps. the image link don’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

wath the image link doesnt work?? well here is it: http://www.fallingpixel.com/products/3851/mains/alien_ship_03_0000.jpg,

and my comp specs are:

Pemtium 4
2.53 GHz
512 MB of Ram
Microsoft Windows XP Profesional
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

and the graphic card, my dad will put an Grapich card when he come (i think on months), it is an Nvidia GX 5500 :D, i cant put it by my self, because he says that my CPU have an green think but i doesnt see nothing, so he will put it later

about the texture, it can be of 512 X 512, and the vertex count…wath is that??

vertex count is (for me) the quantity of vertices in a model :stuck_out_tongue:

link still doesn’t work try uploading it to MediaFire


oh, so thats is, i think…add it all the vertices that you need to model it, but dont add a lot, if you are going to use an cilinders to make the guns, just use cilinders with 10 faces or vertices :ba:

ok, is your first ship image of the thread a good reference (for the vertex count) or it was just a test?
@ ShingWanTin : that’s weird… the second link works for me

mmm, why the link doesnt work?? i can see the image oh well i hope doing this all you can see it:


There the image worked! It looks pretty sweet but its too high poly for GE though…


ther are some screenshots of the game progress :D:evilgrin::D:

PS. the game have some bugs and i must fix it


again, more updates, now im was testing the enemy attack sistems, i must fix some bugs on it too, but here is the screenshots:

PS: i modeled an enemy firgate, probably you wont see the canosn on they but its cool


pretty neat, socker!

just changed the engine color, and if you can look, it have something like stars, i dont have added any other Hud because i dont have lol:


ohhh, did no body like to join the project??, please c`mon guys, please help us to finish this game :frowning: