Dark Center

Just playing around with Cycles basic shaders :slight_smile:
Heavy post processing with Photoshop to remove the noise from the motion blur and camera focus, I couldn’t make many samples because I use the CPU rendering and it would take many many hours.
I have 1 GB AMD GPU … useless :spin:
(Cycles developers, isn’t there any progress with AMD ?)

I left the PC rendering and left home for couple of hours … then I saw it… that white ball :frowning: wrong material obviously.

wah so nice !

The white ball is obviously totally intentional and has a right to play there! Very nice result.

Well thanks :smiley:
All the balls are generated from the black ball, the further they are from it the glossier they get, and if they have high velocity their material well be glass. of course the first moments they are generated they are white. -I just made that up. :yes:

I think this looks absolutely fantastic! (even with the white ball ;P)

The materials are good and the lighting is great, I love the HDRI you have set up. Looks amazing :slight_smile:

How many hours for that render?