Dark Cloud

Personal project of product visualization. Made with Blender / Cycles and post-prod with Photoshop.
I wanted an abstract black atmosphere for a piece of furniture I really like : the Womb Chair.
And I wanted it to be made with a kind of “sheep fur fabric” because … well because it is way more confortable :smirk:


Looks very cozy.
The chair shader / Particle System is perfekt

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It’s interesting, but why is it called “Dark Cloud”?

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Thanks a lot :pray:

Well, the shape and the fabric make me think “Wow, sitting in this armchair must lbe like being in a cloud”. The architecture is black. So, “Dark Cloud” :relieved:

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WoW man this is so cool ! can you tell us how you made this chair so cozy ?
(im a noob blender user) :heart_eyes:

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Thank you ! Actually, the shader is made with a pretty basic setup. For the colour, there is a mix node with a noise texture as a factor to create variations. Then I added a particule system with Pincipled Hair BSDF. I finished with a few corrections in post-prod and voila :slightly_smiling_face: