Dark Corridor


I’ve just finished my latest image. I’ve been inspired by this paint “Caruggio” of Stefan Winterle.

Here is his version :

And this one is mine :

Made withe Blender 2.68, and render with Cycle and with some post-prod in photoshop. Made in about one week.

Hope you’ll like it !


Wow, details are amazing, good job!

it is reality.
Is it painting or photo on concrete wall?

Really nice texturing.

Thanks you all !

@nikitron : it is a Stencil, spray on wood, and the size is 170 x 90 cm.

Your lighting setup is fantastic. Any tips on lighting?

@Keka : Thank’s ! For this scene I’ve placed a lot of lamps “point” and one p"plane" for the blue back light. I’ve try to make some nice contrast so I’ve uses white lamps with a stong light, however with a very small size. The red ones are less strong, juste to add a little red on wall. I haven’t use the environment lighting, and an ambient occlusion with a 0.145 factor.

And I think the most important point : I’ve place lamps before the texturing, I don’t do it every time but it is really useful to understand how the lights in your scene work.

I hope it will help you.

Here is the scene with the lamps selected.


nice image.lighting is great.the wall texture is not convincing - the white paint part looks fresh,and the bump and glossiness make it a bit leathery.

@DamDamien: Thank you for sharing. I like the tip about lighting before texturing. I will have to try that. Keep up the great work.

Are the white and dark green sections on the wall supposed to be different materials, because if they are, the image could benefit from modeling seams into the wall or bumping the geometry out a little to make it look less like it’s an infinitely thin sheet pasted on top of the wall beneath.

Also, you might want to play with the light falloff node and its ‘smooth’ value, that might help reduce some of the burnout you’re getting from the lights.